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Appointments on Instagram: What it is and how it works? Explained

Whether you're a salon proprietor, fitness instructor, consultant, or any other professional seeking to optimise Instagram's potential for efficient appointment management, the 'Appointments on Instagram' feature is tailored for you.

Vishal Upadhyay Edited By: Vishal Upadhyay New Delhi Updated on: September 19, 2023 8:30 IST
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In recognition of the evolving needs of businesses in their pursuit of effective customer engagement and operational efficiency, Instagram, a social media platform under Meta ownership, has a groundbreaking tool named "Appointments on Instagram." This tool empowers businesses to effortlessly schedule and oversee customer appointments directly within the Instagram application.

The introduction of this feature indicates a host of advantages, including unprecedented convenience, heightened customer engagement, and a frictionless booking process—all at zero cost to your business.

To make the most of 'Appointments on Instagram,' the first step is to ensure that your Instagram account is configured as a business account. Once that's in place, follow these straightforward steps:

Step 1: Navigate to Your Instagram Inbox: Access the inbox of your Instagram business account and choose the message thread where you intend to arrange an appointment.

Step 2: Access "Appointments": Within the chosen message thread, tap the plus icon situated at the bottom right corner of your screen.

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Step 3: Select an Appointment Date: Among the presented options, click on "Appointments."

Step 4: Set the Appointment: To arrange an appointment through Instagram, select a date, tap "Schedule appointment," enter the Title and Date/Time, optionally include customer contact details, and then tap "Schedule appointment" to share it within the conversation thread.

The 'Appointments on Instagram' feature offers a multitude of benefits:

  • All-In-One Platform: All messaging and appointment tools are conveniently available on Instagram, eliminating the need for external booking services.
  • Enhanced Customer Communication: Stay in close contact with your customers, reduce no-shows, and increase repeat bookings.
  • Seamless Booking Experience: Provide customers with a smooth booking experience on Instagram, all without the hassle of switching between apps.
  • Cost-Free for Instagram Business Accounts: This valuable tool is provided to businesses on Instagram at no additional cost.

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With the integration of the 'Appointments on Instagram' feature, the task of managing appointments has been greatly simplified. Maintain organisation, foster meaningful customer interactions, and deliver a seamless booking experience—all within the familiar confines of the Instagram app.

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